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Astro support landed

· 2 min read
Andrea Pontrandolfo
Sheriff author, Tech Lead @ Velasca
Sheriff BlogPost PosterSheriff BlogPost Poster

Sheriff release v16

Sheriff continues his quest to conquer the JS ecosystem.

Sheriff extends support for Astro

This release introduces support for Astro.js, thanks to ota-meshi libraries, eslint-plugin-astro and astro-eslint-parser.

The integration is provided out-of-the-box, meaning nothing has to be configured on the user side. Sheriff will automatically detect Astro projects and run the appropriate rules. All you have to do is upgrade Sheriff to this version.

This integration presented significant challenges, as the pertinent ESLint plugins are still in experimental status and also because this integration provides JSX-relevant ESLint rules inside .astro files, meaning that we are now parsing .astro files (in a Typescript-aware way) and provide Astro and React relevant rules inside them. This has not been trivial.

Sheriff meets Algolia

The Sheriff documentation website has now a full-text search powered by Algolia Docsearch, generously provided for free by the open-source projects sponsorship by Algolia . The documentation is now easier than ever to navigate.

The "Ask AI" feature, instead, didn't make it in this release. There aren't yet solid solutions in this space, for now.

Sheriff integrates Fsecond

Finally, as the last treat, my newest eslint-plugin, fsecond was integrated in Sheriff.

Fsecond adds 2 new rules:

  • fsecond/prefer-destructured-optionals: enforce placing optional parameters to the end of the function signature as destructured objects
  • fsecond/valid-event-listener: enforce using a useEventListener utility function instead of addEventListener methods, or, optionally, you can disable that behaviour and the rule will just warn against incorrect usage of addEventListener methods

What's Next

The commitment to improving Sheriff remains strong. Here's a glimpse of what's on the horizon:

  • Performance Improvements: Potential performance enhancements will be analyzed to ensure that Sheriff runs even smoother, even on lower-end devices.

  • Website Codebase Update: Plans are in place to update the website to Docusaurus 3.0, modernizing the docs website codebase.

  • Expanded Library Support: Support for additional libraries is under consideration, with potential candidates for integration including GraphQL, MDX, and Vue.


As always, if you feel like contributing, feel free to propose suggestions or pull-requests. And if you just want to show appreciation, leave a star on Github.

Sheriff is actively dedicated to becoming even more adaptable and feature-rich. Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements!