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๐Ÿ“š FAQ

Why you didnโ€™t include ESLint plugins/rules for "X" library?โ€‹

  • Cypress โžœ Don't use Cypress. Use Playwright instead
  • Testing library โžœ I believe Sheriff should not encourage wrong testing practices. In my opinion testing library is one of the least efficient ways to test UIs, by principles. In most codebases it does more harm than good. You can use Storybook to test components in isolation and Playwright for any kind of integration and end-to-end tests

Is Sheriff compatible with "X"?โ€‹

Generally speaking, everything that is compatible with ESLint, should also be compatible with Sheriff. That being said, in some cases there can be some nuances:

  • Vite โžœ Compatible out of the box.

  • Next.js โžœ Sheriff has explicit support for Next.js. You can enable it in the Sheriff config options. You shouldn't follow any of the steps provided in the Next.js website. Only follow the Sheriff instructions

  • CRA โžœ Compatible. Just add this line to your .env file:


Does Sheriff support vanilla Javascript codebases?โ€‹

Sheriff is a Typescript-first ESLint configuration. It's focused on Typescript codebases. You can almost consider Sheriff a superset of @typescript-eslint.
If your codebase is not written in Typescript, you should worry about that first, before worrying about linting.

For this reason, vanilla Javascript is not supported as of right now, but support may come at a later time.