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πŸ₯³ Introduction

This is the official website of the open-source library Sheriff.

What is Sheriff?​

Sheriff is a comprehensive ESLint configuration. It supports various popular technologies.


Sheriff is a Typescript-first library, and as such, it support only Typescript codebases written with modern ECMAScript standards. Vanilla Javascript codebases are not supported as of now. See FAQ.

Key points​

  • This library is pioneering in the adoption of the ESLint FlatConfig, introduced in ESLint v8.23.0
  • Sheriff is very easy to get started with and use. It promotes a β€œzero overhead approach”. See: philosophy
  • Sheriff is a "plug & play" solution but you can customize it as much as you want. See: features


The name "Sheriff" comes from the idea that it's a tool that watches over your codebase and keep everything in order.

Ok, let's do this​

To get started, head over to the automatic setup guide and follow the instructions.